A trip to YES

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What: An international adventure birthed from of my wildest dreams

Where: Italy and Greece

When: October and November, 2013

Who: Me and my cousin, Anne. Our grandmothers are twins.  Our desire map for this trip is identical.

How: By following the YES-brick road

Why: It called, I answered


Here’s how it unfolded …

Marianne Williamson writes: “What would it mean to fulfill my destiny? Ask yourself that question and see what emerges. Don’t over-think it…just see what comes up for you. Then there is nothing to do so much as something to embrace … to say YES to. To know that the programming for doing and becoming that thing already lies within you, no different than the architecture for the oak tree lies within the acorn. The blueprint is already there; what you bring to the process is a continuous attitude of YES!”


I began noticing, and then actively following, my internal YES in the last few years. And what a transformative life force energy it is. Slowly even the uncertainty of the unknown feels like a delicious mystery to be revealed. The internal YES taps into one’s intuition and deepest knowing. More and more, the NOW becomes available because the present is not so busy over-thinking.

It’s safe to say that it’s pretty much the complete opposite of the life strategy I employed for most of my life!


My latest huge YES came a’callin a few months ago in the form of a trip. It started as a cool idea during a conversation with my cousin, Anne. Although the door had closed on the plan for both of us a year earlier, now it was cracked open again. Every day it called to me. After a week of increasing volume and a consistent tugging at my core, I sent an email to Anne. I told her how strong the YES had grown. Her response came back in capital letters that read, ME TOO!

The morning we were to begin discussing actual trip details, I woke slowly allowing my sleep world to download to my conscious mind. I became aware that I would be getting home from this trip just before my 49th birthday. 

Where do you want to be on your 49th birthday, I asked myself?

Alone in a foreign country, was the clear response.


As I allowed that answer to gain momentum, I asked myself what it was about turning 49 that elicited such a specific and immediate response. The first interesting observation was that 7X7=49, which made this year unique. Every 7 years is historically a Sabbatical year, a time for reflection and rest (and in some careers, it’s an opportunity to take a year away from teaching or pastoral work in order to renew ). And apparently every 7 years each cell in the body that regenerates will have done so at least once resulting in a brand new person, on a cellular level. So the 7th cycle of this seven year transformative regeneration becomes a super-sized time of renewal. Well, that sounded like reason enough to create some time away.

But there’s more, something inside prodded. Then I remembered. The day after I turn 49 is the first day of my 50th year. The 50th year is The Year of Jubilee, an ancient Hebrew custom I learned about way back in my theological training. Among other things, every fifty years slaves would be allowed to return home to their families, released from service. Additionally, all land would be returned to its original owners. It was a way of ensuring the community would be called back to a state of renewed grace and economic balance.


What might a Year of Jubilee look like in my own life, I surprised myself by asking?


On a personal level, what would it mean to release my internal indentured servants … the parts of me that have been slaving away all these years in an effort to protect me from fears, clinging to beliefs that no long serve me.

And what could it mean to return property back to its original owners, I wondered? The answer came quickly. We are all born into a body, a family, a community, a country, and their corresponding values. What would happen if I create more space between me and what has defined me up until now – – my name, my address, my nationality, my heritage? What if I revived more of the essence of who I am simply as a human on this planet? Guided by humble gratitude for the identifiers in my life thus far, I wondered how focusing on the aspects that haven’t been given as much attention could possibly increase balance?

What if I recorded my lifestory using the Year of Jubilee as a framework and thereby accepting this invitation to a renewed perspective. What if I started this work in a foreign country where the unfamiliar culture would more sharply and easily show up the edges of myself?


And so the plan has taken shape. Tickets have been purchased. Anne and I will travel through Italy for the month of October. Italy enchants my desire to experience the sensuality of a country that doesn’t apologize for its passion. It’s the polar opposite of the cultural energy I grew up in.

And then I will spend the month of November on the island of Crete, in Greece, on my own. As I followed my YES to this decision, I didn’t initially know why it felt like the right place to be writing and reflecting. But as I studied more about Crete, I realized that as the birthplace of one of the first ancient cultures, it was exactly the right place to begin this journey. I will be sharing the same earth with those whose heritage formed one of the first civilizations — a society that worshipped goddesses and tracked its lineage through the mother’s womb, no less!


I look forward to sharing so much more about this trip as the months unfold. But right now, I want to honour the way enthusiastically following the YES has beautifully revealed each next step along the way. I had no idea how the finances for this adventure would come together when I felt the first nudging. That would have been enough to send a fledgling YES whimpering into the corner in the old days. Now, as I allow my internal YES to make the decisions, small and large, the next creative step of the blueprint becomes clear.

I am in awe for how easily the doors swing wide when I’m not attached to a specific outcome. I am grateful to have access to doorways I could never have found through my own desperate searching. These doors are leading to a lighter, fuller life.

Truth be told, I’m pretty certain I hear an actual distinctive Y E S as the creaking ancient doors open up at the centre of my being.

Oh, YES!

Haarlem Rose Door





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  1. Your writing brings tears of joy to my eyes!! Thank you for sharing your incredible courage, passion and results based on the power of YES!

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