A West Coast Snuggle Fest

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A few of my favorite things about West Coast Winter Weather

 It’s a classic west coast wintery weather kind of day.  Single digits on the thermometer, and if it hasn’t already drizzled for a few hours, it will soon.  It’s that wet kind of cold and many people tire of it quickly.  Give us ‘real winter’ they implore, we want snow and then we’re going to take off to someplace warm. 

Call me damp in the head, but I can think of many reasons why this is great weather to brag about!

1.  Seeing your breath  

When you’re dressed for the wet weather, who doesn’t like to hang around and make breath ‘smoke’ without the harsh lung pain you’d get in the prairie’s subzero climate.   For humans and horses, it’s fun and well, kinda romantic.   Remember when you would ‘pretend smoke’ as a kid trying to emulate those cool people who could make smoke come out of their mouth and nose. 

Seeing AND feeling one’s breath is a visual and visceral connection to our life force.    If someone’s smart, they’ll make a movie with the love interests under a horse-breathcanopy of dripping west coast trees on a cold misty day.  Slowly, that moment grows between them and we all know they’re going to kiss.  But instead of zeroing in on the lips, the camera artistically captures their ‘breath smoke’ as it changes pace and intensity.  And maybe there’s some horses in the movie too!  Likely it’s already been done and I just don’t watch enough movies because I’m on too many rainy walks alone out here in horse country.  But, I will say, the more I learn about how powerful it is to witness ourselves exhale air we don’t need any more, to make room for what we want in our life, well … care to take a walk in the woods?   

2.  Moist Climes for Rainforest Bunnies

I know very little about the infamous, Hugh Hefner, except for a vague sense of what he did for a living and one comment he made about west coast women.  He claimed that all the moist, rainforest air comparatively, has us coastal chicks looking more fresh-faced, specifically, our skin appears more youthful.  Aww, thanks Hugh.  When’s the last time you considered how much less money you spend on moisturizer than the average women of similar age living in the dry heat of Arizona all year round?  Arguably, we have less sun damage and require less sunscreen too.  The list of health benefits living in this salty sea air climate goes on and on.   Breathe deeply and let the moist air seep into your pores – it’s like an afternoon at the spa! 

3.  Scarves

Alpaca ScarfI think scarves are the best clothing accessories ever.    They look great, they feel fabulous on, they’re particularly functional for our wet-cold weather, and they’re fun!  They are one size fits all and I don’t have to know any complicated techniques to knit one in every colour in front of a fire.  And I think the best thing about scarves (besides the fact that it feels like you’re walking around with the coziest part of your blanket all tucked up around your neck) is that they’re like a picture frame for your face.  EVERYONE looks great in a warm winter scarf.

4.  Fleece pants

If there’s one thing I would seriously miss if I ever moved to a warmer climate, it would have to be my fleece pants.  They’re like pajamas without looking like pajamas (and I’m sticking with that story).  They are the best fabric to wear on a rainy walk – they can get pretty drenched before you feel the cold.  And they dry fast.  The only thing you can’t do is wear them to sleep.  They don’t glide well on the bedding so you get all scrunched up in the wrong places.  Which is good because by the middle of the night you’d be far too hot, sadly, not so much in the ‘look at me in my sexy fleece’ kind of hot.  Although I think west coast men are slowly adapting to the coastal mindset and enjoy jumping between flannel sheets with loved ones who are still warm-skinned, just fresh out of their fleece, and into their jammies, and sporting an attractive face-framing scarf.  Oh Hugh, making a calendar with your prized bunnies wearing fleece bunny outfits, you really missed an opportunity there!  Or did he do that too when I wasn’t looking and out walkin’ around in one of my three pairs of fleece pants?

5.  Snugglin’

 While we’re on the topic.  Snugglin’ up with your loved ones on a wet cold night, I mean, truly, what can be fire-sockssweeter?  Reading the fourth goodnight book to your toddler all snugged up together feels so perfect!   I wish I had a dollar for every newlywed couple who realize after a few insufferably hot nights on their tropical honeymoon that lying sunburned and sweating on the bed because it is an achingly better option than listening to the clunking air conditioner all night, is not a recipe for closeness.   Give me a warm blanket, hot drinks by the fire and the pure joy of interconnected soft-fleeced limbs for maximum sharing and caring any day.  Now THAT should be put in a Tourism West Coast BC honeymoon promotional package!      

 So there you have it, just a few of my favorite things about this time of year.  And I didn’t even get to the good stuff, like persimmons and chocolate-covered pretzels. 

 So from one proud west coaster to another … stay dry, only ‘pretend’ smoke, buy good quality fleece and go for long walks in the rain.  And say hi to Hugh from me, if you see him.

Cheers, Rita







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