Chances are you may have some questions about coaching and what it can do for you.

Below are some frequently asked questions to help open the door. Not unlike so many other things in life, talking about it and walking through the door are two very different experiences.


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How will hiring a coach make a difference in my life?

Most of us have found ourselves in that place where we’ve travelled every avenue of our brain searching for an answer we can live with. We ask friends’ opinion, watch what others do, hoping to get a clue about how to proceed. Eventually, we either make a decision or just let time pass and hope things will shift. Sometimes we regret our action or lack of action, and often feel shaky in our confidence to navigate our own life in a way that feels authentic.

While hiring a life coach may seem daunting, the reality is that we all need unbiased support to live our grandest version of life.

Coaching recognizes that life is in the small steps –

the decisions you make every day,

and how those decisions are all pieces that make up your whole life.

And because of this, coaching gets at the heart of how you make decisions.

You begin to understand how your abilities and your values intersect with the ones you know about and perhaps some you didn’t realize you have.

Coaching techniques are designed to help you access the part of your brain that is often under-utilized yet your greatest resource and the part that can vision, imagine and come up with amazing options from which to choose!

And it gets even better …

When you crave the tools for how to first identify and then reach your vision,

the motivation to invest your time and energy

in the direction of your dreams

becomes ignited!

This is YOUR life, YOU get to decide.

I am here to support you in confidently creating a life you will love!


I thought only executives and CEO’s could afford to hire a coach.

A friend made this statement after I told him about my career. I shared a brief outline about coaching and then encouraged him to let the experience speak for itself. After our session, he marvelled at how the results gave him life-altering insight. In fact, the decisions he made after our session with investments in time and with his money were anchored with unprecedented confidence and enthusiasm. He immediately shared with his friends how investing in a coaching conversation was of amazing value for everyone.

YOU are the CEO of your life.


What’s the difference between traditional therapy and coaching?

More and more holistic health support agencies are beginning to discover the benefits of providing both traditional counseling and coaching for their clients.

COUNSELING is helpful at uncovering all the dynamics from your past that help you gain understanding as to why you are the person you are today.

COACHING is brilliant at asking questions which help you tap into the many possibilities that are within your control TODAY. Coaching invites you to discover HOW and WHEN and WHERE you can actively create the life which matches:


COACHING is a forward focused process which allows you to effectively make decisions about what you WANT and then create a life you will love.


How is life coaching different from sports coaching?

The ultimate purpose of most coaching is to empower the client to more fully access their abilities and resources.

Where life coaching differs from sports coaching is mainly in the area of “who’s in charge”. Most team players or individual athletes would say that their coach has the master plan and the experience to create a successful season.

In life coaching, I also come with the experience and training to assist you in creating a game plan for your life. However, the format is always based on the fundamental concept that you are the ultimate expert in your life!

As your life coach, I may ask you questions thay may feel as challenging as telling you to “drop and give me 20!” but it will always be in line with your goals for your life.

Our coaching sessions will assist you in creating a strong game plan where you will have no doubt that you are creating an empowering life.

You will take these skills and the wisdom and continue to use them long after our sessions have ended!

Do you coach over the phone?

Most coaching is done over the phone with remarkable success. It gives you the power to choose a private, comfortable place where your creative brain is able to do its best work.

Many clients report that they prefer the phone because it saves time and money, as there’s no extra travel costs.   And calls can be made conveniently from anywhere in the world. I am available to do in-person sessions with local clients and encourage you to try a phone session as well.

One client put it: “I can take your voice with me anywhere I go!”


Now What?


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