I am a sexual goddess

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Goddess I am a sexual goddess!

And guess what, SO ARE YOU!  Oh yes, sweet, ravishing body-spirit, YOU are divine and truly sublime!

Oh please don’t cringe at the title.  Save your energy for things that are much more important and life-giving.  Like how you will show up even more brightly in the world as the burgeoning creature of spectacular love-light you already are.

This proclamation has little to do with HAVING sex; the ACT of coitus.  This is about the energy that announces, I am ALIVE and HERE … RIGHT NOW!  It says, I am capable of outrageous adventure AND the most tender of exchanges.  It whispers, I bathe in the mysteries of this moment and slipstream on the currents of time.  Joy will rise.  All are welcome. 

It is a sad state of affairs that our sexuality is limited and tied so tightly (oh, loose those ties that bind our sheets) to whether we are ‘doing the deed’ with our spouse, our boss, a lover or a random who fills the spot for a time.

In truth, it’s always been about HOW we show up in ALL of our life.  WHO we are on our side of the bed.  Where we are headed and how we intend to get there.  It’s about WHO WE ARE in this breath and the scary, luscious, fragrant next inhale.  That is all.  That is everything.

For the greatest display of sexuality is truly how we feel about being in our body and expressing our exposed soul … especially when there’s no one else in the room.

Not sure what that means?  Oh, but yes you do, sweet, vulnerable lover of life.  It’s when you dodge your own powerful eyes in the mirror, ensuring the makeup [or stubble] is attended to but resist a lingering glance into your depths.  It’s the moment when you adjust your breasts [or your manhood] but forget to wait just a moment longer to feel how fiercely you desire to engage your heart’s truest longing.

Our sexuality knows about things that the rest of us doesn’t always receive in that memo.  It outlines the key points in our swagger and it paces how we move through the world. It is the split-second sweet spot in our smile, the engaging flash in our gaze. It has full access to the blueprints of our spiritual unfolding and physical remolding.  It lays out the blanket for our very best offerings to the world.  It allows us to BE complete, and completely vulnerable, in our naked selfhood.

Think bigger, Expansive One. Think  w i d e r.  Feel to the outer edges of who you are becoming and you will be a soulful drink for the thirsty one beside you by simply being present.  You will be salve for those who seek healing through the ways you engage your creative spirit.  And beautifully and mysteriously – your gifts of love will come back to you ten-fold and breathtakingly retold in the stories of those you meet.

And if fairy tales hold ancient, reviving truth, you may also connect the magic of YOU with the most enduring and alluring that the universe introduces to you.  In which case, open your arms in connection to your soul’s song, your meant-to-be, your fate-mate, your can’t-quite-shake. Open generously to the soul in human-form who walks alongside and helps you make more sense of life than any other.

But regardless of relationship status at any given time in this life, always remember that you, oh skin-draped-soul, are a unique radiant energy living in a DNA’ed frame who walks singularly and profoundly in this world.  Your mate is not your sexuality.  You are a love-light who radiates from your innermost, your sexuality is your stunning stained glass mantel.

Do not miss the train and do not train so long that you miss your shining life.

Plant your heart in the deep truth of you and spread the love that blooms from there.  For you alone are commissioned to do just that with your life.  Right.  N o w.

 Oooohhh yes!












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