Year of Jubilee – How does Joy want to Rise?

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Planning my own birthday celebration in a foreign country on my own has parted a curtain on what celebration can be. 

I’ve known for a very long time that traditional celebratory elements left me wanting. And for far too many years, this secretly made me feel like something may be seriously wrong with me. I saw many people delight in the flowers, the balloons, the gifts, the countless ritual aspects associated with various holidays. The dressing up. The new this and that. The endless food preparation. The decoration and five storage bins worth of re-creation to one’s spaces. The invitations and the back-slapping party salutations. 

It’s not a huge leap to surmise that without easy access to joy, celebration often falls flat. Strong libation can only take a person so deeply into relaxing the obstacles between us and some version of happy for a night. 

But I think I get it a little more now. Not so much the cake and balloons part yet. But the part about the creative energy put into the event. When it feels like a choice instead of an obligation, celebration can be taken off life-support. Not unlike attempting to keep the marriage bed fresh after 20 years of wedded life, how does one keep it in the choice category before it slides sideways on the sheet onto the to-do list for the week?

Well, I’m about to find out. 

I am on a self-proclaimed year of celebration. A Year of Jubilee. Bring me your Christmas. Send in your Easter. Ring in the New Year. Dare to have another birthday. Proclaim the weekend has arrived. Tell me you’re getting married. Announce the sun is shining. I want to celebrate it all! The thing I will do very differently however, is release any obligatory, time-honored approach to what celebration needs to looks like.  




I will ask myself one simple question: 

How does JOY want to RISE in LIGHT of this OPPORTUNITY to CELEBRATE?

JOY – the physical, emotional, spiritual response to a decision to celebrate

RISE – the sensation of buoyancy in body and mind, a creative shift, a lift, a lilt, a lovely loft under my wings.

LIGHT – the enlightened awareness that shines in through the cracks from unexpected places and even some more traditional spaces. Lightness – the ease and shiny yes – will be my guide and measure of the time and energy that I pour into any given opportunity.

OPPORTUNITY – every moment is arguably a praise-worthy moment. I choose a celebratory approach to every day. And layered intentionally into this foundation, I will choose how to respond to the call for a more consciously creative expression.

CELEBRATION – a mere moment of acknowledgement to an extended heart-planned event that allows joy to rise. 

I’m pretty yummed-up about this year of celebration. I look forward to celebrating with many of you. 


(figured a new word for the traditional ‘cheers’ was in order for the year)


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