My Imaginarium

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I call it my Imaginarium.

In this place I am most able to allow juicy half-thoughts to rise out of their state of primordial goo and eventually morph over to the part of my brain that will actively create with them.


I love how walking offers inspiration and how showering allows ideas to bubble up faster than the lather in my shampoo. But it is in my Imaginarium where the brightest stars streak across the galaxy of my mind. It is in the moments as I wake, where the magic happens.


Since I’ve created a lifestyle where I rarely require an alarm clock and I have no one else’s schedule to consider, I get to hang out in the Imaginarium many mornings.


While we might believe that all things happen first in mind, then in action, it is still a challenge to justify staying between the sheets when there’s work to be done. But come back to bed for a moment where it’s still warm for there is a meeting of the minds about to begin. It feels a little like the Vegas Bellagio Hotel fountain display, complete with lights and music, is about to start.


The Imaginarium is where the first inklings of consciousness squirt up, and with it, all manner of random transfer of information from the beyond to the now. I float on the current of oddly-shaped ideas and images and allow them to swirl around with no need to direct them. Like an astronaut in space without gravity, there is a buoyancy and freedom to the way things move.


Since I am not aware of time, it’s difficult to calculate but ideas keep coming until I sense a few that keep coming around. As my attention goes to them, suddenly there are more words in this space. Questions are posed with no expectation of an answer. They simply appear. Less as a solution, more as a growing magnetic force of knowledge. They are not chronological nor logical. They simply are. And most arrive dripping and slippery and playful.


My time in the Imaginarium in the past few months has bubbled-up, confirmed and embraced my plans for the fall. And since the Imaginarium is largely free from limitations and fear, it is a plan so much bigger and bolder and more beautiful than I could have ever simply ‘thought up’.


Our daytime thinker is often limited by so many beliefs. The Imaginarium is limitless and free from regular rules of engagement.


For all its recent attention, it still seems that how we access the brilliance of our minds is largely underestimated. We make plans. We worry our way through the details of how life will unfold. And all this focus on the “get ‘er done” has separated us from a very internal partnership that knows so much more than our conscious brain is able to offer to us.


Some people access this connection in meditation or a yoga practice. Others in prayer. The brain tools used in coaching have been the greatest gifts in how I’ve personally enhanced the connection.


There are no rules or absolutes. You will know it. It feels like truth right down to your toes, and then some more. It may be a soft “I already know this and now I also really know how much I know this” kind of calm peacefulness.


It is a growing YES!

A rising joy.

An anchor descending to the core of you.

An expansive field of being where the ends of your fingers brush against the active world and silence, all at the same time.

It’s a ‘hell yeah’.

It’s heaven on earth.

It’s where your human meets being.





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