Yup, it’s going to require some trust.


We may already have met or you may only know what a friend has told you about me. You could be meeting me here through these words for the very first time.


It will take courage to decide that you can make powerful changes in your life.


It will take faith to believe that inside you have all the clues to design the life you will truly love. And that through our conversations, you can unleash your brilliance and spark your dreams!


Over the years, countless friends have come to me when they wanted someone to help them wrestle ideas or needed to feel heard. I made the decision to become a coach after many transforming turns in my own life’s road.

I get excited when I see how all the various chapters in my story brought me to the empowering decision to make this my career.

I learned about business practices from managing a fitness facility.

I learned patience and love through parenting my daughters.

I learned about passion and commitment through my countless hours of volunteering.

I learned about organization and scheduling during my time as an administrative assistant.

And I gained amazing awareness of my mind and body as a yoga instructor.



I will hold the faith that not only is change possible but transformative.


As a pharmacy technician and certified compression stocking fitter for a number of years, my favorite part of the job was helping my customers transform their understanding about how a particular medical device was not the stamp of old age and disease but a tool that would support their independence and health.

We are all capable of creating new thoughts that free us from limitations and truly make anything possible.


I will ask questions you are ready to answer.


And when you’re not sure, I’ll help guide you to imagine what it will be like to be able to give shape and colour to the dreams and hopes that may sometimes still appear blurry.

You will know when you’ve reached your next peak of success because we’ll look around together at how far you’ve come and we will celebrate!


So, scrape together some trust, if you dare.


Grab the courage to believe that your life can have more peace and more passion … all at the same time.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

come sit awhile